School Anthem

  • We're proud to belong to St. Xavier's High School
    Virtue and work is our motto and rule;
    By our laws and spirit we will firmly abide
    Friendship, loyalty will be surely on our side.

    Chorus : Hail Francis Xavier our patron and guide
    In sunshine and shade stay close by our side;
    Stir us always our ideals to achieve
    We your loving students, may your
    blessings receive.
  • In studies and games we will try to excel
    Daily work and tests we still strive to do well;
    Growing in traditions of our princely town
    God and the country with our service we still crown.
  • At home we will help to make a loving place
    Cordial to all and spread a happy face;
    Help those in need and assist the poor.
    Loving, supporting, all our ills will surely cure.

Music and Words by
Fr. Pat D'Lima, S. J.