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School Activities

In keeping with the Jesuit vision of all-round development of its students, the school encourages a variety of activities.

1. Public Speaking

The aim of this activity is to train students, from the earliest years, in the art of public speaking and orderly, gentlemanly argumentation. Elocution competitions, debates and dramas are held at different times.

2. Scout Troop

The Secondary section of the school has Scout Troops. Boys of standards 8, 9 and 10 are encouraged to participate.

3. N. C. C. (ArmyWing)

Its aim is to imbibe discipline and motivation for military training among the students. Students undergo rigorous military training through the year.

4. Road Safety Patrol (RSP)

Road Safety Patrol has been introduced for Std. VII/VIII to make them aware of traffic rules and discipline.

5. Visual Instruction

Visual instruction, mostly through multimedia is undertaken for increased interactive learning. It has been installed in all the 3 divisions and with this the work is completed.

6. Games & Sports

Students playing sports must put in a minimum of 100 clock hours of training and practice in the 1st semester and 90 hours in the 2nd semester for qualifying to play on the School team. A student with exceptional talent for more than one game, will be allowed to play for both teams with prior permission from the Principal. Absence at regular practice without a written excuse will disqualify a student from the school team.

7. Excursions

Educational tours related to study topics, are organised from time to time.